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MODEL/DESC: X-Ray1 Enhanced Sights F8/R8 Green

#8 Grn Front/#8 Grn & Blk Rear


The X-RAY family of pistol sights make target acquisition intuitive and fast in any lighting condition. The high contrast front sights paired with the glare reducing rear sights keep your focus on the front sight. The X-RAY1's front sight combines a durable light pipe with a photoluminescent ring providing a bright dot in the daylight and a glowing ring that will see you through the dusk transition. The steel housings used in the X-RAY family of pistol sights ensure a reliable sight that lasts as long as the firearm.

• Three Dot fiber optic sights for fast target acquisition 
• Durable design for hard use
• Luminescent front sight ring glows in the dark for up to 1 hour
• Fits SIG SAUER P238™, P938™, P250™, P320™, and Classic Line model pistols 

Which Sight Size Is Right For Your Pistol?

The X-RAY1 sights come in sets ranging from matching #6s, alternating #6/8s, and matching #8/8. 


To determine the current size of your pistol sights, look at the small number on the horizontally aligned bar on either side of the sight post. That number should be available on both your front and rear sight. If you have determined that you are satisfied with your current pistol sights, simply select the exact same number combination from the X-RAY1 product line.


In general, the higher the front size number (i.e. 6), the lower the height of the sight. For the rear sight, the higher the number (i.e. 8), the higher the height of the sight.


EXAMPLE: If you wanted a high front sight post and a high rear sight, you could choose to get a #6 front sight / #8 rear sight.


The best configuration for your sights is determined through your own practice with your SIG SAUER pistol.

UPC 798681552580
MFG Sig Sauer
MODEL X-Ray1 Enhanced Sights F8/R8 Green
TITLE Sig Sauer X-Ray1 Enhanced Sights F8/R8 Green

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Caleb Cannon – September 21, 2020 - 02:48 AM

Love these sights. Very easy target accusation every time .for the price these cant be beat

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